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Stoane Lighting VCL.desk

Video Conferencing Light has been designed and developed to address good quality task lighting for the home working and office environment. VCL.Desk has a high quality glass base by which a device can rest in the dedicated groove. It is available in a choice of finishes, and some elements can be customised such as height and dimming. There is also an option to include a phone holder.
Light source type:                   Warm Dim array
Usage type:                             Interior Use Only
Mounting method:                  Free Standing
Material:                                  Machined Aluminium Glass
Colour temperature:               3000K - 1800K
CRI RA:                                   Min. 90
IP RATING:                             N/A (interior use only)
Finish:                                     Anodised Painted
Dimming:                                Wireless Manual
Supply:                                   230/240V
Pan & Tilt:                              ±45º
Weight:                                  1.4 kg

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