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LAM32 Tube Pro-W

A luminaire which can reveal the smallest detail from the wall, enhancing the specifics of the spaces thanks to accurate light beams that emphasise even the most delicate shades with simplicity and elegance. The three versions of the model in three sizes are the ideal answer for the need for a general or accent light which can change the balance of a space in which you live, making it unique. From close-up, the linearity of the shapes and the details of the design make the functionality of TUBE-W even more obvious, opening up spaces to new design ideas

Luminaire designed for wall installation in both single and double emission versions. Suitable for power LED or COB sources, its body is made of Anticorodal alluminium alloy, submitted to anodizing treatment and polyester powder coated to ensure durability over time and maximum resistance against atmospheric agents. Closing screen in extra-clear screen-printed and tempered glass is integral to the body through a special gluesealant used in shipbuilding. The protection degree IP66 is ensured by appropriate waterproof cable gland system. PMMA precision optics and black antiglare ring completes the luminaire. Integrated power supplies or LED drivers allow their connection to mains voltage 230VAC power supply line. To be completed with appropriate waterproof connection systems to be ordered separately.

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