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Specifcatie LAM32 flat-w (pdf)

LAM32 Flat W

A clean and elegant design that blends perfectly with an efficient luminous output, designed to accentuate what you are looking at. Attention to detail makes FLAT-W the ideal solution if you want to light a room, giving it personality, dynamism and life.

Luminaire designed for wall, floor and ceiling installation. Its body is made of Anticorodal aluminium alloy, and polyester powder coated to ensure durability over time and maximum resistance against atmospheric agents.


The same components can be made of satin or mirror aluminium. Closing screen in extra-clear screen-printed and tempered glass is integral to the body through a special glue-sealant used in shipbuilding.

Square base optics in PMMA allow the propagation of light for long distance. A hidden fixing bracket in steel sheet allows the simple installation through two steel fixing screws. 

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