The Lux Company Zero Projector

Framing Projector 100 / Gobo Projector 66 / Iris Projector 66. Projector with light head and driver box in cast aluminium. Available with 3 circuit universal track adapter or Dali track adapter. Versatile aiming angle tiltable vertically 0°-90° and rotatable horizontally 350°.

Framing Projector: polygonal projection. Equipped with 4 shutters to shape and project the light precisely at the desired point. Manual focus adjustment to obtain well defined sharp edges or a shaded effect. Iris Projector: equipped with lenses, snoot and single shutter zoom. Manual focus adjustment to obtain the desired light beam and to well define smaller objects. Gobo Projector: the incorporated lens with snoot allow to project the inserted image/logo. Manual focus adjustment to obtain a well defined image onto a desired surface.


Citizen CLU Series. CRI: 90 | CCT: 3000K, 4000K. Other CRI and CCT options, Tuneable White, DimToWarm RGB/W versions available on request.


Inclusive of no-dimable driver. Dimming Options: 0-10V Dim, DALI, Phase, CASAMBI.


Particularly designed for accent lighting of objects in window display exhibition areas and for the projection of advertising images. Application areas: museums, hospitality, retail, interior design.


Available in the following types: Framing Projector 100, Gobo Projector 66, Iris Projector 66