Precision Lighting Pico Plus

Pico Plus is a discreet LED spotlight, based on the minimal aesthetic of the Pico 1, but with the additional capability of holding accessory lenses.
The spotlight comes as standard in white, black and brushed aluminium finishes.
Movement is aided by a low friction bearing rotation and constant torque tilt mechanism, lockable in both pan and tilt.
The Precision Lighting Jack Plug system enables the luminaire to be easily disconnected and reconnected to all of Precision Lighting’s systems, offering flexibility throughout the product’s lifetime.
The onboard 24V driver ensures overcurrent protection and is not polarity sensitive.
Pico Plus is machined from aerospace grade 6063-T6 aluminium, delivering a lumen package of 140lm at 1.9W.

Category: IP Rate
Material: Machined AL 6063-T6
Finish: Brushed Aluminium | Black | White
System: Eutrac | Monopoints | LV Tracks
Lockable: Pan & Tilt
Accessories: Lenses
System Power: 1.9W
Gear Type: 24V CV | 1-10V
Weight: 75g
Module Output: 140lm
Absolute Output: 130lm
LOR: 92%
Colour Temperature: 3000K
CRI: 95
Optics FWHM: 12 | 30

Please enquire as to the availability of alternative colour temperatures or CRI.

Please enquire for more information on available lenses.