Factorylux Three-way Y-shape with Cover | Closed Box

A three-way Y shaped conduit box without holes in the rear for fixings or cable entry. The boxes are commonly used where they are not not fixed to a surface - the absence of holes prevents access to the wiring in the box. Or they can be attached to a surface - wall or ceiling – using saddle clips on the conduit tube. Features:

  • supplied for easy and safe installation: pre-wired with an earth lead and includes WAGO connectors - the safest way to make electrical connections
  • choose from a galvanised face plate or an enamelled face plate in six colours
  • includes rubber gasket to protect the face plate and a choice of brass machine screws and socket head bolts for fixing the face plate
  • the fixing holes are a standard 50.8 mm apart - use the fitting as a base for a wall or ceiling light or for a conduit dome cover.

There is a two-way U-shaped conduit box for reversing the direction of a conduit run.