Factorylux Conduit Swan Necks | Conduit Tube

The conduit swan necks (or goose necks) are used to project a light fitting or light source out from a wall. They can be used to mount Factorylux threaded lamp holders (E27, B22 and B15). For a complete ready to install swan neck light, use the swan neck light configurator.

  • choose from three tube lengths/projection distances: 300/240mm, 400/300mm and 500/380mm
  • compatible with the Factorylux conduit boxes, joints and the conduit dome cover.
  • neither tube length nor projection distance includes the threads, each of which are approx 15mm.
  • complies with BS EN 61386-1:2008 and precision cut and threaded by Factorylux technicians.

For running conduit along a surface or to project a lighting fitting or light source directly out from the mounting surface, there are pre-cut and pre-threaded galvanised steel conduit lengths ready for easy installation.