Factorylux Conduit Reducer Coupling Nut | 20mm to 10mm | Brass, Bronze, Gold & Silver

One face of the reducing coupling nut is 20mm female threaded (M20) and compatible with all Factorylux 20mm male threaded conduit tube and fittings. The other end is 10mm female threaded (M10) which is widely used for a range of light fixtures and fittings. Features:

  • precision machined in the UK from brass and available with vintage brass, antique bronze or silver nickel plate finishes
  • supplied with a 25mm length of 10mm diameter brass allthread and two locking nuts so the fitting can be fixed to female threaded 10mm fittings

If the intended application of the nut is at the end of a conduit run to fit a lamp holder, the Factorylux range includes threaded or nipple lamp holders which use the fitting. The lamp holders are available in a range of materials and cap sizes. Standard bayonet (B22 or BC) and standard screw (E27 or ES) are the most popular.