Factorylux Conduit IP Cable Gland | Fitting

The brass cable gland is male M20 threaded and compatible with the Factorylux range of female threaded conduit fittings. Common applications of the cable gland are where cable leaves a conduit run and the outlet requires an IP rating. The gland can be fitted to: male threaded galvanised conduit tube using a female coupler; female threaded openings of conduit boxes and dome covers; female threaded conduit couplers and joints; the Factorylux oval bulkhead and industrial lantern. Features:

  • gland is rated to IP66 if correctly installed
  • suitable for where the outer cable diameter is between 4mm and 8.4mm
  • the gland operates by compressing a neoprene seal between two machined brass fittings (tighten using 24mm and 26mm spanners)

The fitting is compatible with round cable but it is not compatible with twisted cable because the fitting will not form an IP rated seal. If fabric cable is used - as opposed to ordinary PVC or rubber insulated cable - the fabric must be stripped and bound before the cable enters the neoprene seal. Electrical work in bathrooms or outdoors must be carried out by a qualified electrical contractor.Although the gland is rated to IP66, the rating is only met if correctly fitted and installed with IP66 rated components.