Factorylux Adjustable Conduit Joint | Conduit Coupler

The Factorylux adjustable conduit joint is a uniquely versatile addition to the range of conduit fittings. The joint is formed by two interlocking cups held by a central bolt and wing nut. The cups rotate in 9º increments. The serrated cup surface mean the joint is extremely stable when fixed, but can also be repeatedly adjusted.

  • use the joint on a surface - wall or ceiling - where it provides more flexibility than a fixed angle box and is easier than bending conduit tube
  • use the joint to come 'off the wall' with a light or similar fitting
  • use the joint as a free standing component, for example as an adjustable arm of a light fitting
  • the electrical cable is protected by a lip in each cup which prevents the cable coming into contact with the teeth of the cups